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The Holy Spirit: Breath and Wind

This study of the Holy Spirit will focus on how the Holy Spirit appears in scripture in both Old and New Testaments.  The class will also reflect on modern controversies about the Holy Spirit in the light of the scriptures, look at what the Reformation confessions teach about the Spirit, and reflect on the role…

The Truth About Worldviews

This course will examine the major world religions and worldviews that oppose Christ and His Word. In a world where multiple “truths” abound, Christians need to be prepared and well informed of these other worldviews so that they can be the light of Christ and speak truth in love to those who are being deceived.

Summary of the Christian Doctrine

This course will provide a biblical foundation to understanding the nature of God, including His work in creation and the entrance of sin into the world; the nature of Jesus and His ministry, including his death, resurrection, and ascension; and the nature of the Holy Spirit, including His work in sanctification and appropriating spiritual gifts…