Year 1


Old Testament Survey 1

This course provides an introductory survey of the first half of the Old Testament with particular emphasis on the formation and lives of God’s people, the Israelites.  Topics include:  Creation, the Patriarchs, God’s Holy Nation, Desert Wanderings, Possessing the Promised Land, The United Kingdom, The Divided Kingdom, and The Period of Exile.

Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity

This course identifies ways that people grow and develop in maturity in Christ. Through identifying and understanding how we grow spiritually, this course will help you become more intentional in Bible study, prayer, lifestyle choices, evangelism, spiritual gifts and mentoring others.

Old Testament Survey 2

This course will provide an introductory survey of the Old Testament with particular emphasis on the Wisdom and Poetical Books as well as the Major and Minor Prophets.  Topics include:  Psalms of Praise and Lament, Wisdom Books, Understanding and Interpreting the Prophets, Early Prophets from Israel, Early Prophets from Judah, Late Pre-exilic Prophets, Exilic Prophets and Post-exilic Prophets.

New Testament Survey

This course provides a survey of the Gospels, the Book of Acts, and The Letters of the Apostles, all centered on a central theme – the person of Jesus Christ.


Year 2


Summary of Christian Doctrine

This course will provide a biblical foundation to understanding the nature of God, including His work in creation and the entrance of sin into the world; the nature of Jesus and his ministry, including His death, resurrection and ascension; and the nature of the Holy Spirit, including His work in sanctification and appropriating spiritual gifts to the Church.

Romans – Pathway to All of Scripture

This course will examine the Book of Romans, a Biblical book that defines and develops the Good News, God’s plan of salvation for His people. Topics will include man’s sinful nature and our need for salvation, the work of Jesus Christ in justification and God’s provision of salvation, and the work of the Holy Spirit and the effect of salvation in the lives of believers.

Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith

This course will explore the Hebraic roots of Christianity so as to understand the customs and traditions that have shaped the Bible. In doing so, it will help us hear God’s Word with greater clarity and force allowing for a deeper understanding of our Scriptures and of Jesus, our Messiah.

The Truth about Worldviews

This course will examine the major world religions and worldviews that oppose Christ and His Word. In a world where multiple “truths” abound, Christians need to be prepared and well informed of these other worldviews so that we can be the light of Christ and speak truth in love to those who are being deceived.


Year 3


Biblical Leadership

This course is designed to instruct, guide, and encourage the student in the area of leadership, focusing on both the biblical paradigm of leadership and the current local church setting.   The lessons will cover the technical aspects of leadership, while also exploring the need for intentional character development of the leader.

The King and His Kingdom Part 1

This course will examine the teachings of Jesus concerning the Kingdom of Heaven (or God) and its relevance for followers of Christ today and our mission as disciples of Jesus.

The Character of a Christian Leader

This course will continue to develop the concept of Christian leadership, specifically examining the character that is necessary in Christian leadership.

The King and His Kingdom Part 2

This course will continue to examine the teachings of Jesus concerning the Kingdom of Heaven (or God), specifically the parables of Jesus that teach of His Kingdom.